The Story of Our Name

Ese ne Tekyerema; the teeth and tongue, are ethnic words which originate from West Africa amongst the Akans of Ghana. Ese ne Tekyerema tells the story about the teeth and tongue. These two human organs look different and perform different functions in the mouth but together, they help the human fulfil the vital role of nutrition.

It is not always an amicable relationship between the tongue and teeth but together they can work for the greater good. This is a story about friendship and interdependence, and this is our philosophy. We simply call it, Unity in Diversity.


EnT Foundation (Ese ne Tekyerema Foundation) formed in September 2020 is a Black led organisation with committee members from different parts of the UK who endeavour to use diverse creative means as a tool to challenge perceptions and to improve social cohesion in their communities across the UK.

Our mission is to use diverse forms of creativity as a tool to promote social cohesion across local communities in the UK.

We aim to achieve this by partnering with communities, organisations and proactively engaging in projects which seek to unite and make us realize how connected we are, across all divides. We aim to make stories of friendship and interdependence. Stories of partnership for unity in diversity.


● To provide a sense of belonging and identity to children and young people of Black and African descent.

● To engage in active conversations and content creation that empowers and raises attainment in children and young people of Black and African descent.

● To proactively work towards building better community cohesion which would encourage respect and understanding within local communities across the UK.

● To proactively promote the inclusion of marginalised people and individuals in mainstream community to tear down the divide and break tension in the local community by challenging perceptions to terminate the “them versus us” mentality


Since its Inception, the EnT Foundation continues to ingeniously create programmes in fulfilment of its core mandate. We like to think of ourselves as the tribe and our programmes, the ancestral homes -Clan

Nubian Script

The first ever programme commissioned by the EnT Foundation, born out of the lack of innovative ideas to celebrate black history month with content relevant enough for our schools especially for Early years and Key Stage1 pupils.

Inspired by the Nubian script. A system of writing developed almost at the dawn of writing itself and the product of two great thousand-year-long kingdoms in the great cradle of the upper Nile valley, the Nubian Script seeks revive to the tales of long ago and those that have been missed by creating relevant content to educate and celebrate African history, culture and heritage in a fun, engaging and contemporary fashion with children as its main target audience.

We are determined to make Nubian Script a trusted and reliable source to learn about Africa and its interaction with a rest of the world from the African. Making Nubian Script the ultimate place for kids to learn and unlearn about the African Continent through different forms of storytelling. At Nubian Script, we celebrate yesterday’s stories today.


“If you do not tell your story, someone else would and be sure they might not tell it right “. This is the Twi proverb that poignantly underpins Africaniwa. An online storytelling forum powered by photos.

Africaniwa is a passionate outcry to the true sons and daughters of the motherland to tell authentic stories about their lived experiences. Relying on responsible story telling by means of photos, Africaniwa creates a safe space where, contributors; ordinary individuals are given the space to share extraordinary stories about their lived experience as Africans to a diverse audience. In effect, offering valuable insight into their lives, to challenge perceptions and illuminate their own reality.

This is because at Africaniwa we believe the human story should be central to our understanding of the world and that these stories are meant to be a shared story, to restore our humanity and make us realise how connected we are as people because, when a people are forgotten, their humanity is lost. The clan open its doors to all tribesmen and women the last Friday of each month for a shared experience.

This is Africaniwa: My lens, Our story.

Mutsvairo Festival

A well-known African proverb about the broom, also known as mutsvairo in Shona. A language widely spoken in the Southern part of Africa amongst the largest ethnic group in Zimbabwe, translates: the individual broomsticks which makes the broom can be easily broken but together it’s an absolute, impossible feat to break the bunch. This proverb about the broom epitomises the strength in unity.

It is noteworthy to mention however that the broomsticks do not all look the same. Some longer than others, some more brittle than others but together they can fulfil a common goal as a tool for promoting sanitation by sweeping away any foul or unwanted substance that stands in the way of progress.

In line with the mission of the EnT Foundation, Mutsvairo Festival was birthed. The festival’s main aim is to celebrate marginalized communities in the U.K by using culture as a shared experience and a tool for social integration to break down tensions, tear down the divide and challenge perceptions to terminate the “them versus us mentality”

The festival, premiering this year is an annual, virtual weekend celebration slated for August as the world observes United Nations international day of the world’s indigenous people as well as international folklore day.

Mutsvairo Festival…. Different Cultures One People

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