The Story of Our Name

Formed in the UK in September 2020,the EnT Foundation (Ese ne Tekyerema Foundation)
is a Black led organization whose core mandate is to use diverse forms of creativity as a tool to promote social cohesion across communities.

Ese ne Tekyerema (EnT) meaning ‘the teeth and the tongue’, is an Adinkra symbol which originates from West Africa amongst the Akans of Ghana. Ese ne Tekyerema tells a story about the teeth and the tongue. These two human organs look different and perform different functions in the mouth, but together, they help the body fulfill the vital role of nutrition.

It’s not always an amicable relationship between the teeth and the tongue but together they can work for the greater good. This is a story about friendship and interdependence, and this is our philosophy.

We simply call it, Unity in Diversity.

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